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Power Sled & Harness - Outdoor

Product Description

Take your training to new heights with the Power Sled Harness from RAM Rugby. This exceptional training accessory allows you to engage in resisted locomotive exercises, replicating the movements required in rugby and enhancing your overall athletic performance.

When you work with a sled, you have the opportunity to walk, run, or sprint while pulling a weight, providing a specific and sport-specific training experience. While traditional gym-based leg exercises like squats and deadlifts build general leg strength, sled training mimics the lower body muscles' actions in rugby, driving you forward and unleashing the power within you.

Sprinting and running involve explosive ankle, knee, and hip extensions. Exercises like power cleans, snatches, and box jumps work on this triple extension, but they typically involve both legs simultaneously. In contrast, sled training focuses on one leg at a time, mirroring the sport-specific demands of rugby.

By incorporating a sled into your training routine, you can effectively train and condition every muscle in your lower body. Additionally, by varying your movements and directions, you can target specific muscle groups. Dragging the sled behind you in a forward-facing position, for example, emphasizes your posterior chain, including your calves, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus. A robust posterior chain not only aids in injury prevention but also plays a vital role in powerful scrums, pushing plays, explosive sprints, and driving forward into tackles.

The Power Sled Harness combined with sled training offers unparalleled opportunities for lower body strength development, muscular balance, and functional movement patterns. Unleash your potential on the rugby field and beyond by incorporating the Power Sled Harness into your training regimen. Experience the transformative benefits of sport-specific training and take your athletic performance to new heights.


  • Heavy duty sled and harness
  • Develops powerful leg drive with both push and pull options
  • Made from 60mm x 60mm steel tubing
  • 6mm steel shoe plates can be used on all surfaces
  • Detachable chrome plated stacks (Olympic weights only)
  • Add weight plates for increased resistance (weights not included)
  • Weight: 36kg


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