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Myopro Massage Gun

Product Description

Designed for those who go all in, the MyoPro massage gun gives instant pain relief and prevents against injury.

Product Details

  • Instant pain relief - percussive massage interject pain frequencies to significantly reduce pain. No more DOMS and soreness after working out.
  • Enhances Performance - World-renowned amongst professional athletes because the improved blood circulation reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, enabling athletes to perform longer and more frequently.
  • Improved mobility & flexibility - The MyoPro stretches muscle tissue and fascia increasing flexibility & mobility.
  • Injury prevention - The MyoPro stimulates the muscle increasing blood flow and reducing the chance of injury.

Features & Specification:

  • Ultra quiet motor
  • Changeable Speed - 1600RPM - 3200RPM
  • Up to 3 hours battery life


  • Massager x 1
  • Massage tip x 6
  • Charger x1
  • Case x 1
  • Carry bag x 1
  • Removable battery x 1