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S4K Rugby Lions (4.5 to 6 years) Practice@Home Kit

S4K Rugby Lions (4.5 to 6 years) Practice@Home Kit
Product Description

Practice@Home is an essential part of the S4K experience. 

This Practice@Home bundle is aimed at our Lions (4.5 to 6 years) to help them practice the skills from the class at home.  The bundle includes...

- S4K Rugby Ball Size 3 Air Filled: The same rugby ball that your child will use in the class at S4K, specially designed with our partners at Ram Rugby for comfort, skill development and precision ball handling.

- Ram Marker Cones (set of 50): These will help your child practice and repeat the activities from the class at home.

- S4K Ankle / Wrist Bands: S4K ankle / wrist bands: These help our children to understand the difference between their left and right sides and build technical balance between the two.  Made from elastic and printed with the letters "I" and "O" to indicate the inside and outside of the ankle / wrists, these are a must have for children from 18m to 8 years". 

- S4K Shinguards:  Our own branded S4K shinguards are essential wear for our S4K Lions (4.5 to 6 years) when they begin competing in small sided tag matches.  The design features a hard shell for low-profile coverage and a foam back for comfort.